Monday, January 23, 2012

Thoughts Prior to Frankenstein

      Frankenstein has always been the story you hear on Halloween, but it is also a classic. The story of Frankenstein that I know is just the simple man made monster. I am ready to read the book to learn the actual details and learn more about the story that I heard about before.

     Now days being 19 means you are just settling into the real world and most likely entering college. Most 19 years old are just trying to make it out there, but this woman must have had some major issues or incredible imagination skills. This story consists of major immorality and a lot of evil, which I don't see how a normal "almost adult" could come up with such a horrific fiction novel.

     Many reasons can be given for why a man can create life and why a man shouldn't create life, while I argue that if the man is doing the so called "cloning", then it should be right. Although if man is switching up the genetics to create something other than what God had already created then he is doing wrong.

   I'm not one of the many people who have set aside time to read the Harry Potter series, but I do understand the meaning of the sorcerer's stone although I do not beleieve it is real. Nor do I believe in immortality.

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