Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Creating What I Think is Good

        If I, Tess Hurley, had the power to create life I would definitley create it. I would try my best to create something to help our world that we live in, instead of creating a monster. Creating life isn't just creating something that can walk and breathe, it's something that can also think and have feelings. If I created life I would want my creation to be caring and helpful.

       If I had the opportunity to create life, I would chose to do so, but my creation would hopefully be the total opposite and be there to bring good things. Choosing to do so, would put many responsibilities on me if something might go wrong, but I am willing to learn from the mistakes I made and make something even better. If my monster can help the world, and a good role model, I hope to make more than one.

      Creating life can go wrong with just the smallest mistake. So while attempting to create life, I want to make sure that everything goes as expected. But what do I expect from my creation? I want to attempt to create something that is indesrtuctable, but also has a heart of gold because if kids could see my creation being a good character they might want to resemble such things. That happening would help make our world a better place.

      Maybe later on if I have the ability to create life, I hope that I can make the right decisions and make the world a better place.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Thoughts Prior to Frankenstein

      Frankenstein has always been the story you hear on Halloween, but it is also a classic. The story of Frankenstein that I know is just the simple man made monster. I am ready to read the book to learn the actual details and learn more about the story that I heard about before.

     Now days being 19 means you are just settling into the real world and most likely entering college. Most 19 years old are just trying to make it out there, but this woman must have had some major issues or incredible imagination skills. This story consists of major immorality and a lot of evil, which I don't see how a normal "almost adult" could come up with such a horrific fiction novel.

     Many reasons can be given for why a man can create life and why a man shouldn't create life, while I argue that if the man is doing the so called "cloning", then it should be right. Although if man is switching up the genetics to create something other than what God had already created then he is doing wrong.

   I'm not one of the many people who have set aside time to read the Harry Potter series, but I do understand the meaning of the sorcerer's stone although I do not beleieve it is real. Nor do I believe in immortality.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Courage... Me, Tess Hurley, having courage?

        I chose the word courage because I am a person who can see chances that could change a lot of things for me, but I am afraid of failing o realizing that it was the wrong decision. Being afraid to fail in life, will keep you in the same place mentally, physically, and emotionally. This year I hope to gain more courage for not only in my social life, but in my basketball and softball career also.
       Being 16 years old, having never been in trouble, this year I want to bring more fun into my life. No I do not want to start doing drugs, or get arrested. I just want to be more fun when with my friends instead of just watching movies and not doing anything fun.

      So this year, I hope to do things that I have been afraid to do throughout my whole life. Whether it be shoot the last second shot, or finally telling the boy of my dreams how I really feel... I am going to do it, watch me. Whether the choice be the right or wrong choice, I do not want to regret but learn from this courage that I show.