Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Zeal of Responsibility

 Life.. A four letter word that means more than the world itself. It does not just mean to breathe in oxygen and repell carbon dioxide. Life is love, passion, personality, morals, and life is you. Looking through my morals, God has a plan. If God didn't believe in you, he would not give you the tests of the holding other human life in your hands. Throughout life, you take care of yourself... You worry about your survival. As you become more mature and exceed the knowledge of a child, the responsibilty of human life will be upon you one day, and the day that it shows up at your door you have to take it and put it before yourself alone.

100 years ago the Titanic painted the picture what having the responsibility of human life really means, and put it in a movie so that those who were not yet born to live it could feel the real meaning of what happened that day. In that time of the year icebergs were not unwonted, and were very common. The captain of the ship had many warnings of an iceberg that day but proceeded on because of his will to make the cruise go by faster. When the time came for the ship to completely sink into the brumal water, he slowly walked into his room with a morose look on his face, and stayed on the boat as it sank because it was his fault. Knowing not only did he think of himself, he killed many. This example shows that when other human life are on the line, yours should be at the very bottom.

Being taken from your home and having to start a new life in a place that was not meant for humanity is very difficult on you physically and mentally. Buck, a mixed breed dog, was kidnapped from his home in the novel Call of The Wild, and was forced to become a slave dog in Alaska. After working in Alaska for a while, he soon realizes that it is going to take his will power to stay alive and help his fellow dogs stay alive meaning that he will have to save others by being obdurate. In the novel, Buck becomes the main leader and feels as if he is formidable teaching the other dogs what they are going to have to do to stay alive. Giving us an example of how Buck took the responsibility of others lives and doing the most he could for them.

When having others lives in your hands, the best thing to do is to put others first and worrying about saving yourself last. Humanity has developed this zeal of responsibility to keep our humanity together. Hoping that everyone understands, some people are selfish and will put themselves first. Although there are those people, there is still those people who have that zeal about them and will be a hero.