Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Courage... Me, Tess Hurley, having courage?

        I chose the word courage because I am a person who can see chances that could change a lot of things for me, but I am afraid of failing o realizing that it was the wrong decision. Being afraid to fail in life, will keep you in the same place mentally, physically, and emotionally. This year I hope to gain more courage for not only in my social life, but in my basketball and softball career also.
       Being 16 years old, having never been in trouble, this year I want to bring more fun into my life. No I do not want to start doing drugs, or get arrested. I just want to be more fun when with my friends instead of just watching movies and not doing anything fun.

      So this year, I hope to do things that I have been afraid to do throughout my whole life. Whether it be shoot the last second shot, or finally telling the boy of my dreams how I really feel... I am going to do it, watch me. Whether the choice be the right or wrong choice, I do not want to regret but learn from this courage that I show.


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