Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Creating What I Think is Good

        If I, Tess Hurley, had the power to create life I would definitley create it. I would try my best to create something to help our world that we live in, instead of creating a monster. Creating life isn't just creating something that can walk and breathe, it's something that can also think and have feelings. If I created life I would want my creation to be caring and helpful.

       If I had the opportunity to create life, I would chose to do so, but my creation would hopefully be the total opposite and be there to bring good things. Choosing to do so, would put many responsibilities on me if something might go wrong, but I am willing to learn from the mistakes I made and make something even better. If my monster can help the world, and a good role model, I hope to make more than one.

      Creating life can go wrong with just the smallest mistake. So while attempting to create life, I want to make sure that everything goes as expected. But what do I expect from my creation? I want to attempt to create something that is indesrtuctable, but also has a heart of gold because if kids could see my creation being a good character they might want to resemble such things. That happening would help make our world a better place.

      Maybe later on if I have the ability to create life, I hope that I can make the right decisions and make the world a better place.


  1. I really love that you dont see creating life as something purely scientifical, but instead something that can feel and love.

  2. Thank you! A lot of people really brought the religion side into it, but really if we had to oppotunity to create life.. God would be the one to give us that opportunity and he wants us to love and you know what I mean. Thanks for really understanding what I meant.

  3. Sorry about the post not coming up, but I did indeed type the post. It just never loaded I suppose. I agree with the you that creating life would be pretty neat as long as their creation was for the better of mankind. Although like you said creating life can go wrong so easy. :)