Thursday, September 29, 2011

Wounded Warrior Project

        The Wounded Warrior Project in my opinion is a project that helps the secret to war come out, and by looking over the websit and learning more about it, I began to realize the major effects it still has today even when the warriors do come home.
       The news always talks about how many were killed, but never the ones who were wounded. To me, the warriors who were wounded are just as important as the ones who died for us. Those guys will live with the effects of the war for the rest of their lives and cause pain while the others died on the battlefield. People think that when the guys come home from the war that everything is all great and everything. But what people don't know is that it effects them for their entire lifetimes.
        The warriors who are wounded are going to need help with the problems that they are going deal with for the long run. It's not just the families that help them, there are somethings going on in the soldiers head that cannot be seen on the outside. This project helps the soldiers by letting them tell the whole world what goes on in their head. So maybe one day a doctor can cure them.
         Soldiers are sacrificing their lives to save our country, with this project we can share out appreciation in totally different ways. You can send the soldiers who are over seas care packages, more letters of encouragement. You can also send the injured soldiers who are home care packages to help them along the tough road ahead of them.
          The website, shows everything you need to know about the project and I hope if our class begins to help that maybe it could start a national chain reaction to help more soldiers than ever.

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