Monday, September 12, 2011

Book Review- What Happened To Goodbye

     Sarah Dessen's "What Happened To Goodbye" caught me by storm with the story of a girl around my age that I really related to. She has been scarred by her parent awful divorce and has moved from place to place and can't seem to find who she really is.
      The theme of the book is that you only find out who you are by being yourself. In the story this girl has moved from place to place, but each place she has used a different name and is a different person for each name. But when she shows Dave who she really is, she is really surprised.
In the story there is McLean or Liz Sweet, she is a girl who is currently moving from place to place with her dads job. Sarah Dessen wrote this character very well because I know some people included myself that are like her in many ways. In the story, McLean takes the effort to make new friends like Dave and Deb. She also takes care of her dad, and helps her mom with the pain. Dave is a genius who wants to be real, I don't really know if I like this character or not in the genius part, but I do like the strict parents and rebellious side. I can relate some people to that.
     The setting goes from place to place, but it is mostly in a small town. It takes a lot of time in the Luna Blu which is the restaurant that her father is helping rebuild.
      This book is just like a lot of movies that you see, such as the film "I Am Number Four" when the character moves form town to town because of his culture. It also reminds me of orphans who move from foster home to foster home.
      I thought the book was a fantastic and I recommend anyone who loves a good story about love and finding you real self.

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