Thursday, September 8, 2011

Remembering 9/11

West Elementary is where I, a careless first grader was learning her spelling words when it all happen. What happened you say? A shaky voice came over the intercom and told not only our teacher, but every other teacher to go into the hallway. I was so confused. At first I thought they were getting in trouble just like the other little boys do when they are talking to much. But when Mrs. Kathy came back inside with a red face and tear filled eyes, I knew something had happened.

I remember it being a very weird night at my household. Everyone was sitting in the living room watching the news on tv, when I stomped in there wanting to know why I couldn't see the Lizzie McQuire movie on telelvision and it was the news on every single channel I went to. My mom was crying and my dad wouldn't smile. Then when they told me what happened, Lizzie McQuire could come on another night.

All these years that only thing that I knew about the attack was that airplanes crashed into the twin towers and into a building somewhere else, and that a lot of people died. But now as I've gotten older I have learned what all of this has been about. It's an attack on the United States because we aren't the same religion as the Islamic followers. They hate us, want us to be apart of their religion, and if not we are devil worshipers.

This has taught me that our freedom of religion has caused a problem and a war. It has also cause grief and sorrow from the loss of all the innocent people, because we aren't Islamic. The main thing is that I need to stand up for my religion and find a way to bring these people down.

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