Friday, May 18, 2012

Junior to Senior

Every student in a high school has a different experience throughout their school years. Some fly through it, struggle, experience drama, boyfriends or girlfriends and the list can simply go on and on. My junior years wasn't absolutely simple, just busy and important. Hoping that my senior year will be simple and the only problems I have are the stress of deciding which scholarships to take. Although my high school experience has been somewhat easy so far, senior year my surprise me and be the best time I will have a Batesville High School yet.

Grades start really counting your 9th grade (freshman) year, but they really start to hit hard your 11th grade year when you are making sure that you have enough credits to graduate. Do not get my wrong, your grades are important every year. My junior year has probably been my hardest year academically, and the easiest socially. Teachers are trying to cram everything they can into you before you only have two classes your senior year. Junior year has been absolutely wonderful because of 3 things; atheletics, friends, and the thought of being a senior next year. Atheletics, in my life being basketball then softball have been great because I had fun, and won a lot. I started to get know people this year that I wouldn't normally talk to and I learned that there are alot more people I can get along with than I ever could have imagined. Finally to get through a school year you need some motivation and my motivaton was the next year I will only have two classes, seniors get out early and we get to leave for lunch. Honest to goodness, it helped. Those nights that I did not want to stay up late and or do my homework I began to think about next year. All around junior year has been great and I hope every student who is coming into their 11th grade year will have as good of a time as I did.

Class of 2013; wow. I, Tess Hurley, am now a senior at Batesville High School. I can remember sitting in the library at West Elementary with Mrs. Pillow pondering on how I would be when I graduate. For example, I hoped I would be really tall around 5'10 or 5'11, skinny, have pretty teeth, be popular, good at sports and many other things. Althought I only can say I am covering very few of those things, I plan to make my senior year the best that it can possibly be. Yes I am ready to get out of high school, but at the same time I am not. I am about to hit the real world with blind fold over my face, and I am scared. Batesville High School has prepared me the best they can, and I thank every teacher here for that. I cannot believe I am senior.

Batesville High School, heres to you!

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